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Table Saw Rental Tips Table saws also known as a sawbench is a woodworking tool which is used to cut through large pieces of wood, allowing you to make long, deep cuts on woods. What Is A Table Saw Used For? The table saw is designed with a circular saw blade projecting through an opening […]

Dethatcher Rental Store Near You | Cost | Lowes | Home Depot

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Dethatcher Rental Stores Dethatchers are lawn tools that are used for removing thatch from lawns, so as to allow air, water and nutrients, easy access to the roots of the grasses for a healthy and attractive lawn. A healthy lawn is the envy of neighbours and as such it should be properly maintained to retain […]

Scissor Lift Rental Tips Near You | Cost | Lowes | Home Depot

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Scissor Lift Rental Scissor lifts are aerial tools that are used for lifting workers and their equipment up elevated and inaccessible areas. They are used in construction to help provide people access to heights that the human hand or height cannot ordinarily get to. Why You May Need A Scissor Lift The scissor lift unlike […]

Ladder Rental Near You | Cost | Tips | Lowes | Home Depot

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Ladder Rental Tips You Should Know Ladders are climbing tools used to climb up and down heights. The ladder is designed with two vertical supports, with horizontal rungs connecting them together all through the entire length of the ladder.  Why Do You Need To Rent A Ladder? The ladder is an easy-to-use tool for climbing, […]

Rotary Hammer Drill Rental Near Me | Lowes | Home Depot

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What Is A Hammer Drill? Hammer drills are power tools used mainly in masonry for drilling holes into hard surfaces like concrete, bricks, and other similar materials. How Efficient Are Hammer Drills? The hammer drill is an efficient tool when it comes to drilling holes through hard surfaces. Regular drills may be exhaustive and time […]

Power Rake Rental | What You Must Know | Lowes | Home Depot

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Power Rake Rental The power rake is a lawn tool that is used for removing unwanted thatch that builds under the lawn which prevents water, air and other nutrients from getting into the soil.  What You Must Know About A Power Rake Power rakes are similar to dethatchers, only that the former is best suitable […]

Sod Cutter Rental | What You Must Know | Lowes | Home Depot

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What Is A Sod Cutter? Sod cutters are lawn tools used for cutting and removing strips of grass from their roots with the soil still intact off the lawn. They are also used to completely cut off grass or weeds on a lawn area, or create strips of sod in a new area to transplant […]

Nail Gun Rental Stores Near You | Tips | Cost | Lowes | Home Depot

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What Is A Nail Gun? Nail guns are tools that are used to drive nails into wood and other wooden material. They are used for safely shooting nails into the woods using a compressed air mechanism. How Efficient Is A Nail Gun? The nail gun is an efficient tool for driving nails into woods and […]

Drain Snake Rental Cost | Tips | Lowes | Home Depot

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What Is A Drain Snake? Drain snake is a flexible auger used for dislodging and clearing away obstructions causing clogs in plumbing.  How Efficient Is A Drain Snake? The drain snake is used when the clogging is bigger than what a plunger can handle. It is designed as a 20-50ft long, flexible wire cable which […]

Concrete Saw Rental Stores Near You | Lowes | Home Depot

What Is A Concrete Saw? Concrete saws are power tools used for cutting through blocks of concrete, bricks, asphalt, and other solid materials into smaller shapes and sizes. They are also known as consaws or road saws, and mostly used in road construction for cutting through slabs and asphalt. What Are Concrete Saws Used For? […]