Chainsaw Rental Cost | Tips At Lowes Or Home Depot Near You

What Is A Chainsaw

Chainsaws are portable cutting tools that are used for cutting through woods and other activities like tree felling, limbing, pruning, harvesting of firewood, and so on. For cutting through wood safely and in the fastest time possible, trust chainsaws to do the job.

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What Is A Chainsaw Used For

The chainsaw is designed with a set of teeth/ sharp blade attached to a rotating chain which runs along a defined guide bar, which makes it an efficient tool for easily cutting through wood.

It is safe to use, and poses less work hazards. Chainsaws are hand-held tools, this means you can safely hold them by the handle while the rotating blade cuts through the wood.

Chainsaw Rental In Your Area

You can rent a chainsaw from home improvement stores across the United States and Canada. Home improvements like Lowes and Home Depot are one-stop solutions for tools like chainsaws of all kinds.

How Much Does A Chainsaw Cost?

A new chainsaw sells for between $90-$350. Chainsaws exist in different types and sizes which play a major role in its price. Some chainsaws are better used for lightweight cutting, others are for the big deal. 

What Are The Different Types Of Chainsaws?

The types include: Corded Electric Chainsaws, Cordless Battery-powered Chainsaws, and Gas-powered Chain Saws.

Should You Rent Or Buy A Chainsaw?

Renting or buying a chainsaw depends largely on the purpose of use. If you require a chainsaw to do quick maintenance on your lawn like removing certain trees off the lawn, the purpose of the chainsaw is for private, one-time maintenance. Thus, renting a chainsaw in this case is advisable as its use is minimal.

On the other hand, if the chainsaw is required to aid you in the business of tree cutting which is continuous over a long period, the purpose of the chainsaw is to render a commercial service. In this case, purchasing your chainsaw is the only rational option available to you.

Chainsaw Rental At Home Depot

Home Depot offers tool rental for chainsaws. You can get high quality chainsaws made by the best manufacturers from Home Depot by visiting their store today to pick the right chainsaw for the job.

Chainsaw Rental Prices At Home Depot

The cost of renting a chainsaw from Home Depot is charged on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. They are represented in the format below:

  • Hourly (4hrs): $33
  • Daily: $47
  • Weekly: $188
  • Monthly: $564

Note: The prices represented above may vary among Home Depot stores worldwide. Check for the rental price of a chainsaw in the store near you.

How To Rent A Chainsaw From Home Depot

Renting a chainsaw from Home Depot is easy. The following procedures will guide you on how to rent your chainsaw easily. They include:

  • You must first login to the official site of Home Depot.
  • Check for the availability of your chainsaw rental in the store closest to you using the store directory option.
  • Using the keyword Chainsaw, search for your preferred chainsaw among the available inventory of chainsaws in the store near you.
  • Thoroughly read through the rental policy of the chainsaw, ascertain its rental price, and documents to be submitted for the chainsaw.
  • Proceed to make payment for the chainsaw if satisfied with the terms and conditions.

Chainsaw Rental At Lowes

Lowes also offers tool rental for chainsaws. Its inventory for chainsaws contains some of the top branded chainsaws you need to own your project. Whether Corded Electric, Cordless Battery or Gas-powered chainsaws, a look at Lowes inventory, gives you the right tool you need.

Chainsaw Rental Prices At Lowes

The cost of renting a chainsaw from Lowes is also charged on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. They include:

  • Hourly: $35
  • Daily: $49
  • Weekly: $189
  • Monthly: $567

Note: The above prices may vary among Lowes store locations worldwide.

How To Rent A Chainsaw From Lowes

To rent a chainsaw from Lowes, you must first follow these simple procedures. They include:

  • Visit the Lowes store official site.
  • Select the preferred store you want to rent the chainsaw from, and confirm its availability in that store using the store directory option.
  • Once in your preferred store location type in the keyword Chainsaw, in the navigation search bar to be redirected to its inventory of chainsaws and their prices.
  • Read through the rental policy of chainsaws and proceed to pick anyone of your choice.
  • Ascertain the documents to be submitted for your preferred chainsaw, choose a delivery method and proceed to make payment for the chainsaw using a valid credit card.

Chainsaw Rental Price Comparison Between Lowes And Home Depot

Home Depot charges cheaper rental cost on chainsaws when compared with Lowes. Comparing the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly prices charged by both home improvement  stores, Home Depot is the preferred choice in terms of lesser rental cost.

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